Our History

Founded in Brookfield, Missouri, Professional Land Title Corporation has proudly served the real estate community since 1964. Professional Land Title Corporation has been dedicated to providing quality title and escrow needs of realtors, mortgage brokers, lenders, banks and individuals. Located in the heart of downtown Brookfield, Professional Land Title Corp. has been a recognized and respected member of the business community for the past 50+ years.

Professional Land Title Corporation was established in 1964 by Robert S. Dorsey, William C. Hines, Gerald Elson, Robert Devoy and Jack Wrenn. These five businessmen from Brookfield and Marceline, Missouri realized the need for an Abstract Office which set the establishment for Professional Land Title Corporation that is located at 113 East Brooks Street in Brookfield, Missouri.

With an office established, the work began. Dudley Brandom, an abstracter from Gallatin, MO., was hired to photograph the land records in the Linneus Court House. His staff set-up the plant by organizing the copies of all land transactions dealing with defined legal description of real estate and separated them into individual files. More recently, with the age of computers and the Internet, this process utilizes the most up-to-date technology of scanning Court House records directly into the system which keeps the plant current.

From 1968 to 2004 the business also operated a credit bureau, which collected public record information with as many as 5,000 secure files for almost every family in the county. Today the weekly report issued reflects Linn County wide recorded documents provided exclusively to subscribers.

Over the years, Owners Title Insurance has been replacing Abstracts of Title with legal opinions in guaranteeing sound land title ownership. Professional Land Title Corp. has undertaken the business of escrowing funds and documents necessary in closing land sales and finance in a professional manner. Many factors contribute to a successful business which is why Professional Land Title Corp. prides itself in working hard, having a devoted staff, remaining loyal to our customers, and taking pride in our product.

The present board of directors consists of Robert Devoy, Bill Dorsey, Janet Daniels, and Greg Elson. Danielle Head holds the position as manager, Amy Stark is the closing agent, and Samantha Head is the abstracting agent. Everyone at Professional Land Title Corporation is extremely appreciative of the trust, confidence and support given by this community over the past 50+ years. We look forward to continuing our commitment to the community as our rich history provides a strong foundation to a prosperous future.

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